Renza Calabrese

By 19 February 2015 Designers
Laboratorio del Marmo Designer - Calabrese Renza

Renza Calabrese attended the Architectural Institute of Venice. She lives and works in the province of Verona. Since 1981 she has carried out projects in residential building, refurbishing, urban furnishing and landscaping. She has designed the interior of stores, boutiques, bars and restaurants in Italy and Switzerland. She has devised industrial design and environment for special events. In 2002, she created along with Chiara Cibin the Myetiku Design Group and organized a “Soft Design” exhibit. The starting point of her design is always the material and its characteristics. In each of her projects she strives to respect the dynamic properties of the materials she uses, while pursuing the purity of form and execution. Her decorations are always compatible with the function of the object; at the root of each project is the idea that aesthetics and functionality must be perceived immediately. The designed object should adapt naturally to daily life and behaviour. simplicity and immediacy are the basis of the process from the creative phase to reality.