Giandomenico Sandri

By 19 February 2015 Designers
Laboratorio del Marmo Designer - Sandri Giandomenico

Giandomenico Sandri was born in Este in 1949. He got a diploma at the “Istituto d’Arte P. Selvatico” in Padua and specialized at the Scuola d’Arte del Camini in Venice. His first public work was in 1974 for the Comune of Este. He has been teaching wood sculpture at the Istituto d’Arte A. Corradini in Este since 1974. He is involved in restoring stone works for private and public concerns. In 1988 he started his collaboration with the Laboratorio del Marmo creating a collection that has developed the delicate relationship between sculpture and useful objects. Thanks to the cooperation with the Italian Institute of Foreign Trade, he alternates sculpture to restoration works in several cities of the world, such as Beijing, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Acca, Hanoi, Buenos Aires and Venice. His latest works created for LDM witness Sandri’s very rich poetic who looks unlimited in finding new ways of playing with a material that seems to talk with his hands.