Chiara Cibin

By 19 February 2015 Designers
Laboratorio del Marmo Designer - Cibin Chiara

Chiara Cibin started her career as an architect at the Som Studio in San Francisco, U.S.A., specialized in residential and town-planning projects. She is a dedicated researcher and has been a lecturer in materials for industrial design at the University of Venice, as well as a visiting professor at Ive in hong kong and at Nus in Singapor. She has also worked as a designer for LDM Italia, creating the on design off collection which was shown at the Cologne exhibit, the Macef, the satellite fair and at the Milan furniture fair. Her enticement for associating the two-dimensional aesthetics of industrial design with the archaic aspects of the Vicenza Stone has led Chiara Cibin to achieve linear patterns and rationalistic austerity that thoroughly enhance the tactile and chromatic qualities of the stone.